Dominical beach in Costa Rica

Dominical beach in Costa Rica

Located in the beautiful central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this small town of Dominical is a paradise with a beautiful beach where waves can reach 10 feet in height. Dominical is located 40 kilometers south of the famous Jaco Beach in the province of Puntarenas and is a beach only for experienced surfers. Attractive to surfers not only from Costa Rica but the rest of the world, this little village is a great place to relax and enjoy various water sports and activities.

Dominical is a tiny coastal village located 28 miles south of Quepos and the majestic Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the most important touristic places of Costa Rica. Dominical is a strip of beach of4 kilometers with few hotels, cabins, lodges or restaurants in the area. With its magnificent landscape of forests and green palms, this beach is a great place to observe the birds and take a tour of the surroundings. To reach Dominical is necessary to drive from San Jose via San Isidro de General on the Talamanca Mountains or you can reach across the highway from the coast from Quepos passing through the town of Hacienda Baru.

With almost perfect weather throughout the year, Dominical has almost all the time a warm temperature during the day and a cold breeze coming from the sea during the night. Many of the surfers who come tend to sleep on the beach under the stars. However, there are lodgings for all budgets. The meals are a fabulous experience in Dominical, especially if you love food from the sea. There are several local restaurants or “soda”, these places normally serve fresh lobster and shrimp or even a delicious fish or crab.

It is almost impossible to swim here due to heavy waves and strong tides, but you can enjoy kayaking, scuba diving or snorkeling. Also, the tourist can enjoy programmed riding tours to the waterfalls of Nayuca that are close or maybe can visit the Whale National Marine Park which is home to large numbers of marine mammals besides another animal as turtles and whales who come here during the mating and breeding season. If you want you can plan a day trip to the beautiful Cacao Island that is located near the coast.

This island is considered one of the best spots for a snorkeling adventure in the world and is home to an impressive marine life of all kinds such as sharks, turtles, and whales that come to the mating season and animation in the same way as Whale National Marine Park. Because of that one of the most interesting activities for the tourist is the whale watching.

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